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Stop lying to yourself

For too long, people have pretended that business is linear, and predictable. For too long have they tried to ignore and remove uncertainty, with little effect.

Designers have always lived with uncertainty, and know how to turn it into an ally. In today’s world, to be successful, you need to think like a designer.

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A new design journey | The Double Loop

Why we are writing this book

Six years of experiments

In the past six years, we have worked with hundreds of startups and corporates to help them design a better business for themselves.

Design + Business

To be successful you need to design your business and your strategy from the ground up. You need to become a designer.

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"The key to design – and design tools – is that it is an iterative process by which designers, like you, start with a point of view, go out and observe the world to inform that point of view, create options that may address the opportunities you see, validate those options, and execute the ones that best address the opportunities."

// Design A Better Business


  •   Workshop | October 11, 2017 - October 12, 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


    A two day limited edition workshop + event night

The Team

  • Patrick van der Pijl


    Patrick is CEO of Business Models Inc. and producer of the worldwide bestseller Business Model Generation. He is passionate to help entrepreneurs, leaders, rebels and corporate companies to innovate their business model and design a future strategy.

  • Justin Lokitz


    Justin is an experienced strategy designer and MD of the Business Models Inc. San Francisco office. He leverages his experience across a wide range of industry sectors to help companies design innovative, sustainable business models and strategies for the future.

  • Lisa Kay Solomon


    A passionate design strategist and executive educator, Lisa creates immersive leadership experiences at the MBA in Design Strategy at the California College of Arts and Singularity University. She is the coauthor of the bestseller Moments of Impact.

  • Maarten van Lieshout


    Maarten is partner at Thirty-X. He has applied visual thinking at an early stage for a Dutch idea factory, turning ideas into visual and tangible experiences. He always brings a new perspective to the table - and always stimulates others to get involved in the action.

  • Erik van der Pluijm


    Erik is founder and creative director at Thirty-X. He is passionate about visual thinking and making complex things simple. He mixes design, code and strategy, using his experience from art and design, artificial intelligence, computer games, and the startup scene.

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