Keynote | September 20, 2016 in 395 Page Mill Rd, Suite 100, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley Presents The “How to Design a Better Business” Meet-up, with Lisa Kay Solomon

Join Lisa as she shares advice from our new book, which comes out the day before our event!

Join Lisa as she shares advice from our new book Design a Better Business, which comes out the day before our event!

Do you wish your team or your company was more innovative? Today’s business environment is not linear and predictable; it’s increasingly filled with volatility and uncertainty. Designers are comfortable with uncertainty and know how to embrace it and use it to drive innovation. To be successful in today’s business world, we all need to think more like a designer. Lisa will show how expanding design thinking throughout the organization can lead to greater innovation.

Lisa will share case studies and practical guides from her new book Design a Better Business: New Tools, Skills and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation. She will show how design-led practices can turn even the most traditional environments into collaborative organizations that fuel our best possibilities.

With visual guides to over 20 strategic tools and 50 case studies and real life examples from large corporations such as ING Bank, Audi, Autodesk, and Toyota Financial Services, to small startups, incubators, and social impact organizations, Design a Better Business is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to launch and sustain innovation as a discipline in your organization.

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Date September 20, 2016 - September 20, 2016

Location 395 Page Mill Rd, Suite 100, Palo Alto, CA, USA

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